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Erin Brockovich Workout
How Julia Got So Buff!

For a fit and foxy bod, do the workout that made the megastar sexier than ever in the hit movie Erin Brockovich. And it only takes eight weeks.

To help Julia Roberts prep for her role as the busty, long-legged sexpot lawyer's assistant in Erin Brockovich, New York City personal trainer Harry Hanson had a mission: He only had eight weeks to make the already-slim star hotter than ever before in the plunging necklines and super-shrunk miniskirts required for the part. Hanson's shape-up solution? This one-hour strength-cardio combo workout created for Julia that you can copy just in time for bathing-suit season. Do it three to four times a week for the next two months and we guarantee you'll sizzle in summer's sexiest, most revealing looks. So what are you waiting for?

1. The Warm-up
What Julia did: Before jumping into her workout, Roberts got her heart pumping with 2.5 minutes on the StairMaster at level 10, says Hanson. This bummed about 250 calories and loosened her muscles for the weight session that followed. What you can do: If you cant hit the gym, try 25 minutes of cycling, walking, or climbing stairs. "Keep your activity level moderately intense," advises Hanson. "You want to break a sweat but still have enough energy left to complete the rest of the workout."

2. Julia's Ultimate Strength-Cardio Workout
This fun routine hit all of Julia's major muscle groups-butt, arms, stomach, and legs-and kept her heart rate up. That way, she revved her metabolism and burned more calories while toning her bodacious bod. The trick to getting the maximum results? Move quickly from one exercise to the next -no resting in between. Julia also lifted only 5 to 7 pounds when doing strength moves to get serious definition without adding boy-bulk.

Want a tight butt and sexy legs to showoff itty-bitty summer skirts? Work your glutes and hamstrings with these squats: Place feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and with arms at your sides, slowly squat as though sitting in a low chair; don't extend knees past toes. Hold position for a few seconds, squeeze your butt muscles, then slowly rise to starting stance.
What Julia did: 50 squats
What you can do: Start with 20 squats and build up to Julia's level by adding 10 more every other workout.

These segments get your heart pumping and burn big-time calories. Just remember, says Hanson, to mix up your exercises, so you work different muscles and get fab and fit from head to toe.
What Julia did: Hit the rowing machine for three minutes at moderate-to-hard intensity (she was able to talk, but not easily chitchat, while exercising).
What you can do: Don't have access to a rowing machine? Jump rope or run stairs for two to three minutes.

Sweat it out by doing these rear lunges that are guaranteed to get you stare-friendly legs and a boast-worthy butt: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms by your sides. Extend your right leg directly behind you, place your toes on the floor, and bend your left knee until left thigh forms a right angle with your shin; don't extend left knee past your toes. Hold for a few seconds and squeeze your butt as you slowly return to standing position.
What Julia did: Three sets of 20 lunges, alternating sides
What you can do: Three sets of 10 lunges, alternating sides, adding five more every other workout to build up to Julia's level.

What Julia did: Jumped rope for two minutes
What you can do: Jump rope for two minutes too

To look hot in tank tops and slinky summer dresses, work chest muscles with some flys. First, lie down on a bench or an exercise step. Hold dumbbells (6 pounds or lighter) directly above the middle of your chest, arms bent at a 90-degree angle and palms facing you. Keeping your elbows slightly bent, slowly open arms until they're parallel with the floor. Then slowly raise them back to starting position.
What Julia did: 20 repetitions
What you can do: 20 reps (come on, you can handle it!)

What Julia did: Hit the stationary bike for two minutes
What you can do: Bike or do jumping jacks for two minutes

Sculpt back muscles with lat pull-downs so you'll look as sexy as Julia does in the flick in that back-Iaced bustier.
What Julia did: Hit the weight machine, using 30- to 50-pound plates, and pulled down in front 25 times
What you can do: Hold a 10-pound weight in each hand, palms forward, arms straight overhead. Bend elbows so arms form right angles; upper arms are shoulder-height and parallel to floor. Return to starting position. Do 25 reps.

What Julia did: When Julia worked with Hanson, they played catch witl1 a 6-pound medicine ball for three to five minutes to get her heart rate up while working both biceps and triceps.
What you can do: Since you probably don't have a medicine ball around the house, run stairs for two minutes instead.

To get to-die-for arms, work your biceps and triceps.
What Julia did: Using 5- to 7-pound dumbbells, she did 20 biceps curls (standing with arms at sides and with palms facing forward, she lifted weights to chest), followed by 20 triceps kickbacks (keeping arms by her sides, she bent one elbow and lifted the weight toward her chest, and then straightened her arm so it was extended behind her, then she repeated with other arm).
What you can do: Follow the same technique, but do 10ofeach exercise, adding five of each every other workout, building up to 20. Movement should be smooth; don't jerk weight up.

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