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About Fading Obsession
Fading Obsession started out in December 2004 as a much smaller site than it is today. It's purpose, to be true to the first wave pro-ana roots and bring some special changes within it in order to make it stand out from the rest. With several updates, constant additions to new areas, content, information plus even a games section it took what seems like no time at all to become one of the biggest pro-ed websites out there today. Yes, it's taken several hits from the so called "professional" ed sites, had a few shut downs in the past but that has not stopped the Fading. Through a few minor changes plus some extra work behind the scenes it has risen up to prove that this place is here to stay. Fading Obsession has also been featured on no less than six media spotlights to date (television, magazines, newspapers and online news outlets) and has been written about on some of the "professionals" documents covering the online proana scene.

Mission Statement:
Alot has been said since 2001 about how bad the pro-ana world is. Everyone who has ever been on these places know full well just how rediculous these false rumours are. And by "been on" I mean having entered with open mind, and been around actually getting to know the real us. Pro-Ana works by allowing the individual to proceed at their own pace in a loving, caring enviornment in order to gain and/or regain self acceptance and not to be ashamed of who and what they are. It's truely one of the most accepting close knit communities of any on the net. We are not cults, we do not encourage anyone to develop eating disorders, we do not encouage deathly behaviours, and we will not stand for intolorence towards eating disorders. What we do is make a safe place for others to come to and be themselves. Some say we promote the eating disorder, but again, not true. We do say that their is no shame in being eating disordered, the only bad thing is what causes the eating disorder. That is how pro-ana is different. The pro-recovery sites make you feel like trash for having an eating disorder and make you feel like your in a competiton to recover and no matter how well your doing with it, it's not as good as everyone else who go around preaching the gospel of recovery and making you feel even worse. On proana sites, you will recover when you are ready for it and at your own pace. That is the only way recovery works. So what is with the recovery speach you ask? It happens, it's the final process of eating disorders and is a life long one. It's also what the "big boys" use to entrap the pro sites. We know about it, and true pro-ana will offer full support towards recovery ... but we do not enforce it. On here, it's all about removing the problem ... take that out and the consequence goes along with it. No pressures, no falsified garbage, just pure reality.

Future Visions:
Pro-ana is NOT a bad thing, it is here to stay and helps out millions of people world wide. This and several other sites are living proof of that. Until others stop buying into the hype of misinformed media propeganda, and the recovery sites who are so insecure about themselves they have to attack us ... we will be here ... fighting for your rights to seek help on your own and make others see that anorexics and bulimics have the right to be treated fairly. It's time to stop the discrimination based on eating disorders, and stop the demonization of people who want to help. We are NOT the enemy ... the enviornment that causes eating disorders IS!

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