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Fading Obsession News & Updates
March 1/2021 Fading Obsession now has a brand new fully independent pro-ana chat room. Feel free to register and chat away in the new chatroom. The old Chatango room has now replaced the shoutbox yellbox thing, so it is still available too. Hope you like the new proana chatroom.

February 1/2021 The brand new forum is now open for registrations. My Fading Obsessions is themed to the old school black red colors of the original, just with a modern look and feel to it. Hope you like it over there.

August 21/2019 Added an extensive movie listing in the Thinspo section and also Ana's pep talk is in the religion area. I had those for a while now and just came accross them, no idea why I never put them up. Opps. Anyways, they are on here now. Debating on changing the site back to the old black and red colour scheme. Maybe?

August 16th/2019 - The Ana Friends section is done and ready. Go on over and add your listing if you are looking for an ana buddy. Link is in the Community part. Seriously considering another forum for here. Nothing massive just a few areas. You know, sometimes good things come in small packages right? Also if you know me, considering means it is gonna happen. Probably within a week.

August 13th/2019 - Got the chat room back up. Go check it out, link in the Community section. The Ana Friends section is almost done too.

August 8th/2019 - Managed to get a few things done. Found a few old forums still running and a couple websites so added links to those. Also the new guest book is finally added. Go sign up if you want to. Working on a simple addition for a friends section in case anyone is looking for a pro-ana buddy. Plus another chatroom, and replacing the shoutbox or just keep it archives. Anyways that is it for now.
Take care :)

April 15th/2018 - This update pertains to those who were members of the original Fading Obsession forum that was located at You may have seen this message above the forum for a couple months:
ATTENTION MEMBERS: Conforums will be closing it doors and discontinuing its service on April 15, 2018. Ad-Free has been deactivated. Outstanding Ad-Free credits will be reimbursed to respective payment methods.
That is why the forum disappeared. It was not shut down but rather the entire hosting company shut down taking this sites original forum plus several other pro-ana forums hosted there down with it. I have moved the shoutbox over to here, although I have no idea who was the admin of it. Going to be looking into another one and adding a chat room to here, maybe get a guest book up again and no idea if another forum will ever happen again. The old forum once had over 1000 posts every day with the last couple years averaging maybe 10 posts a month. Will be checking around and adding links to any sites and forums that are still around so just check the linkage area for that. Random fact, this site is now older than some people were when they first came on here. Pretty hard to believe huh? Until the next time and not another 10 years for another update. lol.

March 24th/2008 - Finally another update to the website and V2 forum to tell you about. Added onto the website is 3 new pages to the Information section. Fading now lists the definitions for EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified), BED (binge eating disorder), plus Complusive Exercising. Another new area to the website is called Exercises, and has 4 pages in it. The Erin Brockovich workout, toning exercises, tummy exercises, and one other one. The other one is Mandi's Workout, which is my very own personal workout regime that I do to stay healthy and try to keep a slender look with. I also put a small page about me (Mandi) called Webmistress in the FO Insider area with a link to my very own personal website. For the V2 forum, registrations are back on again, however require approval now. They are this way to avoid the spamming problem, so good chances your membership will be approved, unless you have a spammy looking address or name. Anyways, I can see a few more things to add and whatnot, so, there will be more coming soon. Thank you again for your continued support on making Fading Obsession the biggest pro-ana site out there today. Take care everyone and be strong! <3 Mandi (aka Fading Obsession)

Oct 8th/2006 - Quick update this time. I added an additional page to the Information section called Statistics. Just as it says, it covers various statistical figures to show that eating disorders have much deeper roots and proves that they exsisted long before the internet and pro-ana sites. Hope you like, even though it's scarey numbers. Until the next time, if it feels then you know it's real. Do take care ... be strong ... <3 Fading Obsession.

Sept 19th/2006 - Time for another update. Fading Obsessions version 2 of the forum is now complete and ready for new members. It matches this site perfectly in layout, and has many of the same great areas as the original forum, except it's got even more goodies on it. At the moment it is open to new members, so please do have a look and feel free to join up. Link is on the navigation, but to make it easier for ya, here is a direct link:
Fading Obsession Pro-Ana Forum V.2
Until the next update, take care and have a wonderful day.
Be strong ... Ana Luv 2 U all ... <3 Fading Obsession.

Sept 18th/2006 - Back and bigger than before. Fading Obsession has arrived once again after a way too long. We have a brand new layout, brand new home, plus FO is now a dot com. Yay! Same content as before just now it's alot easier to navigate the site with everything on the same page (no more crazy frames nonscense) plus it is now encoded to xhtml and 99 percent is php making it not only one of the biggest pro-ed sites but also the most technologically advanced. Coming next is another forum. Yup, Fading has become a forever Obsession. Hope you enjoy it and find the support your looking for. Take care ... Ana Luv 2 U all ... <3 Fading Obsession.

Oct 5th/2005 - As promised the next update is already complete and up. The Links area is now much better organized, separating each type such as forum, website, etc. plus added is a few recovery links. The recipe section got a small increase too with 3 new recipes ... Herb Chicken, No fat Brownies, and Potato Chips. Next update to here will include a whole lot more recipes and following that ... well ... not too sure just yet. Lol ... gotta keep some things a surprise right? haha. NE ways ... hope you enjoy the latest to the soon to be greatest. Take care and be strong everyone. Ana Luv 2 U all ... <3 Fading Obsession.

Oct 4th/2005 - It's about time for another update isn't it? Finally another one is here. Added this time around is 4 new diets ... 3 Day Diet, Bread & Butter, Cabbage Soup and Chicken Soup. Plus the recipe to go with the Chicken Soup diet. Tomorrow by this time I will have the next update up which is a much better organized links area. There has also been yet another history making first for this site. Fading Obsession was featured on a pro-ana news spotlight for the station TQS out of Quebec Canada. First media exposure of the site ... and I got a feeling there is more spots yet to come. NE ways ... until later ... much Ana luv 2 U all ... <3 Fading Obsession.

July 26th/2005 - Quick update this time. I re-did the Quotes page numbering them instead and spacing them out to be a lot easier to read. Plus I added a few more onto it as well ... going from 43 quotes all the way up to the now 80 quotes ... almost double. And that's all for now anyways. Much Ana Luv 2 U all <3 Fading Obsession.

July 25th/2005 - What a great way to start the week off with another update again. This time around I have made a whole new section called Diets, and included 8 different diets in with it. They all sound so good ... and very low in calories so they gotta be good. Also I added 17 more reasons to be thin, so 40 reasons is now 57. Plus I had these tips stored on my computer for a long time now, and just came across them earlier on ... so I just had to put them on the site too. They help nobody just hiding on my system after all, and there are 157 of those tips (Tips Part 3 page). Of course lots more always to come. Enjoy the latest ... take care and be strong everyone. 2 all ... Ana Luv <3 Fading Obsession.

July 23rd/2005 - Another day another update again. Added this time is three more pages to the Thin Stuff area. Two pages of fasting, one mainly describing the different length of fasts and the benefits of the time you fast. The other has some tips to help you throughout a fast so you don't have any complications or unexpected problems. Third page added is seen everywhere so I figured I'd add it here too ... the Red Bracelet identification page. Hope ya like the extra info ... stay strong all. Much Ana Luv 2 U. <3 Fading Obsession.

July 22nd/2005 - Hiya. Update time again for the site. This time added is a quite extensive book listing under Thin Stuff, with listings of over 55 book titles all related to Ana. Also too, just a small one for the religion section called Ana Recipe ... pretty much what it takes to make one Ana all summed up. I did update my stats too ... I'm 109 now. Yay! Not! Still not at that magical 17.5 BMI ... yet but I will be. I'm less, but no where near enough by a long shot. Enjoy the latest ... cuz I'm still trying hard to make Fading Obsession the greatest pro-ana site to ever exist. Ana Luv 2 u all. <3 Fading Obsession.

July 14th/2005 - Just a quicky update. I found alot more celebrity stats so I have included them on the celebrity stats page and organized them all by alphabet. Hope it makes it easier to find who your looking for. Enjoy the quicky update. :)

July 13th/2005 - Another update to the site. Added this time are 3 new pages to the Thin Stuff section called 40 Reasons ... as it says, 40 reasons not to eat ... by request a Celebrity Stats page to see how you measure up to the famously thin ... and some funny tips (not real ones, just something to laugh at.) I also have made the Skinny Streams radio player fully compatible with the FireFox browser so most everyone can listen to some tunes while surfing the site. Hope y'all like the latest editions. "Fat is never where it is at because thin is always in." Ana Luv.

July 7th/2005 - About time for another update isn't it? Added new to the website this time around is three new games, Asteroids, Pac Man, and Shuriken Ninja. Hopefully you all enjoy those ones ... a couple are all time classics. Also in the link section is 2 new forums added. One is my latest creation called P.A.W.S. - a full on pro-ana forum that is getting quite active for being so young yet. The other is the only pro-ana forum in he MiAna forums I run called MiAna Land Pro-Version. It's been up a while and I want to see it getting active again. It's for those who want a pro forum yet not the dark colors usually associated with them. Removed is the link to Godess Ana ... it has fallen victim to some haters and it got taken down. Boo on them! More to come soon ... until then ... keep on thinking thin and your bound to win! Stay strong everyone. Ana Luv 2 U <3

June 8th/2005 - Finally another update. Wow, after a long hiatus Fading Obsession has returned once again. This time with a brand new look and much stronger presence. Nothing new just yet, but there will be tons new features and things added in the future. Way more than I could ever do before. The guest book and friends list is still the same, but I will be working on that so it will be part of the actual site with no pop-ups. The "religion" section too will be gone within a couple weeks or so. Not the entire section, just that those letters and stuff have been on a thousand other websites. I will be making some original letters, creeds and what all else for there. A total Fading experience fresh. Sorry about that nasty totally un-expected downtime. And what better time to be back up than on the 6 month anniversary of Fading Obsessions first day online. Have a good one, and hope ya like the new and improved Fading Obsession ... Version 2. I'll leave you with this ... the very first second you begin to eat is the very second weight gain begins. Stay strong.

May. 13th/2005 - Friday the 13th, and it is Fading Obsessions lucky day. Why? Time for another update again. I have got the new area on the navigation done up called "Poems", and have included three exclusive poems written by me. Ana's Last Night, Not Perfect and one brand new one called What You Eat (that I made up last night.) Hope you like them. Also too, I have added two more must see links to the links section. One forum is brand new called The Beautiful Ones, so please do join it to help get things started. Another is called Godess Ana, again just new and believe me, it is hard core pro-ana. Not for the faint of heart, however I do like it. Still in the works is a couple more games and more low calorie recipes. And be sure to join those added forums, plus the Fading Obsession forum too. You can never get too much support right? Until later ... never give up on your goals ... you will succeed if you truly want to reach them.

May. 9th/2005 - Finally got another update complete and ready for viewing. First of all, thank you for your continued support of Fading Obsession. We have been on the web now for five months and have received over 17,000 unique visitors. On to the update. As promised I got one of the up and coming areas complete. There is now a separate section on the navigation for recipes so it's much easier to find that. With that too, two new recipes added ... Banana Brownies and Cabbage Soup. More to come in that area, hopefully have enough that you can virtually plan your daily meal on this site. I will be working on the rest and promise to have the extra games added, and poems before the end of the month. Have fun all ... and don't give up what you want the most for what you want at the moment.

May. 2nd/2005 - First update for the month of May. Added this time is another page to the Religion section called Astrology. Find out what Ana has in store for you depending on your Zodiac sign. Also another must see link, Marias Ana Page, added to the links area. Coming up later on I will be making a separate section for the recipes, and an area for the two poems I made. The games section will be getting an addition or two as well. Until later ... stay strong everyone.

April. 24th/2005 - Quick update to the site again. I separated the letters, creed, ect. into a new area on the navbar called Religion. Should make it easier to find that way. As well, two new pages for the section called Ana Psalm and the Commandments. I made up a little page too of me, so Quick Stats under Your Host now works. Has a couple pics of my fat self with the dreaded stats. I'm working on it though as the weight has got to go. Keep thinking thin everyone.

April. 20th/2005 - Update time again, and it's about time too. Added this time are two more must see websites to the links area. Plus the chat room has been re-done. It is now flash, so there are no more issues with not having the correct Java installed. It also opens in its own window too so you can chat and surf at the same time. Along with that a few short weeks ago I adopted a web ring called House Of Sins, and now am the owner of it. So that is on the links page too. So if you own a site and need some more traffic, be sure to sign up for it and ... the official web ring of this site ... Fading Obsession, which was made a week ago. Got a couple more games on the way so keep checking back for those. Until the next update, stay thin-spired.

Feb. 23rd/2005 - Oh wow. A long over-due update has finally arrived. Check in the Obsessed part of the navbar for Skinny Streams ... a free online streaming radio player just for you to listen to while you surf the site, or while you exercise, clean your room or whatever keeps 'ya busy. Enjoy the free tunes. Also two must see websites have been added to the links area (and two labeled for being no longer up.) Hope you like ...

Jan. 8th/2005 - Just added an area on the navigation called Your Host, where you can get to know a little or a lot about me. The quick stats isn't a live link as of yet, however the Mandi's Xanga link is. Feel free to check it out if you want, it's just a little online journal I'm starting.

Jan. 4th/2005 - Happy New Years everyone. First update of the new year, and it's an additional page of tips (called Tips Part 2). Just in time after the holiday feasts and I know what all your new years resolutions are ... same as mine ... loose weight. Plus a pic added to the navigation background.

Dec. 12th/2004 - Another addition to the site, the Letter To Ana.

Dec. 11th/2004 - Added one more game called Hang Ana, a customized version of the game Hangman with a pro-ana twist.

Dec. 10th/2004 - Added 2 links, BMR calculator, and 3 more flash games.

Dec. 8th/2004 - Website launched officially. Features include definitions, food / height-weight / BMI / model charts, BMI and metric conversion calculators, thinspiration gallery, song listings, recipes, tips & tricks, quotes, letter from ana, ana creed, forum, chat room, guest book, e-friends section, links, 3 flash games, history and contact information.

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