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Bulimic Danger Signs
Thermoregulatory problems:

Bulimics as well have this problem. Electrolyte imbalances from the purging usually caused the bulimic to have erratic temperature changes, one minute feeling warm and the next getting shivers and cold chills.


Mostly due from electrolyte disturbances and hormonal problems.


Purging wipes out precious iron from the bulimic's system.

Dental erosion:

If a bulimic does not come forward about their addiction, most likely their dentist will spot it. The acid in our intestines that digests our food comes up when a bulimic purges, slowly detereorating the enamel that protects the teeth. A dentist is able to spot this easily for two reasons : One is the fact that many of them have had to go through specific courses when in dentistry school that give them a list of characteristics of a bulimic, and secondly, the way the food and acid splashed up against the teeth leaves a certain pattern that is the trademark of a bulimic. The constant erosion of the teeth usually leads to the enamel slewing off, plus lots of cavities and root canals.

Ruptured blood vessels in the eyes

Paratoid swelling:

Glands in the throat and mouth become irritated and swell.

Eesophageal tears:

The constant heaving of stomach acid eventually causes the stomach lining to wear off. The added pressure from purging also adds into this and a bulimic stands a great risk of tearing their esopheagus, leading to hemorraging and then a rupture.

Delayed gastric emptying:

The tone of the stomach area becomes poor and weak so that it cannot produce the power to push out whatever food you do eat. This can lead to a lot of toxins building up inside which also weakens the immune system and leaves you susceptible to many more viruses.

Chronic diarrhea and/or constipation as well:

Bulimics often abuse laxatives which can cause them to forever have diarrhea. They eventually lose all control over their bowels as well, forcing some bulimics to have to wear some form of a diaper.



Blood gets too acidic which can lead to other sicknessess.


Bones become significantly weakened leaving you susceptible to broken bones from just falling out of bed.


From purging, things called electrolytes become imbalanced. Electrolytes help control your heart's beat among other things, and once they are off balance, your heart rate will suffer - most likely dropping too low.


Sudden death from too low of pottasium levels.


Bloating and water retention


The stomach lining slews off the more you throw up. Pretty soon the stomach has no protection against it's acids, and the stomach acid starts to burn holes into the stomach. Eventually an ulcer forms and gets infected, causing burning holes with puss and germs to form.


Some people think that you can only lose your period if you are underweight, but this is untrue. If someone is bulimic and purges, that can seriously mess up their hormones which can lead to missing periods.

Metabolic problems -



Dry skin

Brittle nails

Urinary tract infections:

Dehydration is common in bulimics and you get a lot of bladder infections.

Loss of potassium:

Purging, laxative, and diuretic abuse is a big factor into this. All 3 of these things cause vital fluids to be lost and create a bulimic, or anorexic's, potassium levels to drop dangerously low, setting them up for heart failure.

Chronic sore throat:

Not fun to wake up every morning feeling like you have strep throat.

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