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Pro-Ana Definition
So what is this pro-ana?

Pro-ana was the term used to describe sites that catered to eating disorders (usually anorexia). The first wave movement started back in 2001 as a means for other anorexics to connect with each other so as not to suffer in silence. It gained popularity rapidly, and with the help of media spotlights rose to remarkable increase in visitors to the sites. This rise was both good and bad. Good in that it brought light to the whole movement and the anorexic rights issue, and others who wanted to reach out for help with no where to turn was now able to seek out others. Bad in that a sudden wave of people wanted to get anorexia, and thought that being on the forums would give them the "ana diet." Over time the media has blown this term way out of proportion and making it out to be such rediculous ideals as "cults" and that the owners were "recruiting" others into an anorexic lifestyle. The very notion that the internet will give you an eating disorder is lewd to begin with. It's not a computer virus that will infect you too. However, through all of these blatent lies about the movement, some were lead to believe in what the media preached about it and began believing in it themselves ... including anorexics. Several sites started popping up as "hard core" and were the very thing pro-ana was not. Not all hardcore sites are bad however, but the majority are not real ones. Many first wave sites never lasted long, and there are very few left that are done in the true first wave style. And of the ones out there today, they are all mere copycats of the first wave sites (in content and material).

Was proana ever a bad thing?

Depends on who you talk to. Some claim it's the devil of all places, but really ... is this a devil? Nope. It never was back in 2003, it was leaning pro ana true, but true pro ana. Big difference being that if you are recovering, an honest pro ana will never bash that decision ... they will wish you luck.

So why falsify it as a bad thing?

The big boys do it because they cannot stand people doing it any other way. The ol' "my way or the highway" attitude of theirs. These sites scare the hell out of them. Why? We have a better success rate of recovery than they do making them redundant. They fear the changes so ... take out the "competition". That's pretty sucky business practice and proves even more why thier way does not work. I mean, how can you build up self confidence in someone IF your not confident about yourself? You can't. If they were, they'd leave us alone knowing they can come out victorious.

The media spreads this false information too because hey, it sells. It ain't right but that's business for ya ... anything for a dollar and who cares of the reaction. Again, sucky way to do things and some media now is picking up on this and wanting to tell the REAL way of what it is.

So IF it's so good, why change it?

The ol' pursuit of perfection. The movement had many flaws in the first wave. Nobody knew just how huge it would become, and when they got all the attention shifted upon them, they freaked out. Like, why are they hiding now? What's to hide? Fear of changing probably but if you don't ever change ... you'll fade away anyways. I like to take things one step further too ... we come this far and so close to more breakthroughs for the community as a whole ... why stop and hide? It don't make sense. It's not a bad thing to be eating disordered nor is it to seek out help for the condition. The only bad thing is the disorder itself. So yeah, time to stop shaming others for being who they are when things happen you cannot do anything about. But ... you can change for the better ... and that's why you seek support.

Ok, so why be pro?

Do I promote?
The website yes, it kicks ass and I want peeps to see it.

Do I protect?
Hell yes, my members are number one always and I'll do whatever I can whenever to make a better place for people to be at.

Am I a professional?
I'm a professional webmistress. For ed professional, no but I am that way. It takes one to know one so who better to help out right? I'm confident enough to know what I do is kick ass work, and I know this is built to last, and ... if I wasn't self confident I'd of went in hiding a couple years ago. So does this mean professional ed sites are pro? Mmmmmh, interesting. Bet they never thought of that logic. haha.

Am I proactive?
Hell yes. It sickens me that this is seen as such a bad thing, when it isn't really. The members have nothing to be shamed for just by being here, and I have nothing to fear for wanting to help others. What is a shame is that big brother keeps pointing fingers ... well ... finger back at them. The eating disordered are here and they have the right to seek out help, and have nothing to hide. To hell with the ed closet.

Do I procreate?
It started as one MiAna site and forum ... and now I have alot, plus all the others following the lead. My sites have influence and changed the shape of the ed world in a big and better way. I use the power ... for the greater good.

Is this progressive?
Oh yeah. When the first wave bailed out it left alot of mess to clean up from. The Evolution has picked up the pieces nicely and is moving forward beyond ANY of the first wave sites have ever done. The future is for the taking and the making. So make it better.

... and however many other versions of "pro" that is out there, we are probably it. Which pro was meant in first wave? Nobody knows ... not even them, and big boys and media twisted it up so bad it needs straightened out. So ... lay claim to it and move on.

So why the evolution?

Simple really. You can only do so much with things and re-invent them time after time. It becomes tired and boring. You can either become a parody of yourself, or keep on going for the "shock value" and get booted off servers even faster, or ... you can realize that first wave was five years ago and it's been done to death literally. Things have to progress to keep up with the demand, to keep things fresh, and to get back to the basics of what it is supposed to be about. The evolution is for the people who NEED this as a support system, realize that living with an eating disorder is not healthy, do not tell others how to become anorexic (because you can't ... it's not something you learn), and want to get help in getting out of all this disordered mess.

This place is in no way shape or form first wave proana. It's a totally new forum, new idea, new concept with so many changes it's unrecognizable. There is no more left over baggage from the old days of proana anymore. That content, it's just poison to a forum (as well as it's members). This is what happens when the days of pro ana becomes numbered, and it is dying fast. The slates gets wiped clean for something new and instead of beating ourselves up for not being whatever, this place is to realize the good in everyone and set forth a more positive attitude and healthy way of doing things. Ever notice when others are in a good mood towards you, you become just a little bit happier? Imagine thousands all in a good mood all around you on this site. Isn't that happier than a Happy Meal.

To Pro ... or not too pro?

To pro?
The evolution has arrived. Dark clouds are gone, and it's looking pretty bright now. This place is all about support in a positive way. It's pro by being truely proactive, which is taking a stand and making changes for the better of everyone. Negative vibes will not be tolorated.

Not too pro?
Exactley. If you thinking of the areas not in here and want them to be, perhaps you are not ready for this place yet. First wave was five years ago ... we are moving on with a better understanding of the issues, knowing good things can happen if you let them. No more falsified bs, just pure reality ... by the people ... for the people ... for a better world.

Viva La Evolution!

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