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Ana's Pep Talk
Oh, so your craving food right now, huh?

What do you think you are doing?

Don't you dare go anywhere near food!

Don't touch it, don't even think about it.

What do you want to do, become a fat cow?

I am your best friend, and if you eat, you are failing me and letting me down.

If you eat right now it will show what little self-control you have.

That pain in your stomach ... that is me, and that is your fat melting away.

When you feel empty, it means you are empty of your sins.

Summer is coming up.

You want to be able to walk around in booty shorts and a bikini top, don't you?

You want to walk around in a bikini with your flat, firm little stomach and your toned little thighs.

You to be able to run your hand over your stomach and feel your ribs.

You want to go to the mall and see that skimpy outfit and know you would look damn good in it.

You made a commitment to me.

I am your life and obsession.

Don't break what we have.

I will give you everything you want, but you have to give me what I want.

And I want you to stay away from food.

Go have some water.

Go drink some tea or coffee.

Or better yet - go to the gym, fatty!

Don't show me what little self-control you have.

Don't defy me.

You know that if you go eat right now, you will end up on your knees puking it all up until you see blood and water and your stomach is aching.

You will regret eating as soon as those calories and that fat slip past your tonsils and down into your body to add to that extra roll on your stomach.

You are going to get cellulite.

You are going to look like the typical fat soccer mom.

I can give you so much - I can give you a great body.

Show me your control and I will show you a flat stomach.

Show me you love me and can keep me a secret and stay away from food and I'll give you those shaped little thighs.

Show me you can run until you drop and I will give you a cute ass.

You love me.

If you eat now and throw away what you are working for, I will hate you.

And you will hate yourself.

You have a meal plan; you have goals and dreams.

Don't throw that all away now.

Don't give up what you really want for something you want now.

Don't eat fatty.

You are still no supermodel like Kate Moss.

Don't fail me. Don't eat.

You're at a pro-ana site. I guess that means you think you're fat or something. Well, guess what? *DINGDINGDING* You're right! You're disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Feel your stomach. Feel the rolls of flab, the jiggling mass ... look at all the gorgeous models and actresses on TV. See any rolls? HELL no! These girls are THIN, baby! They don't know what it's like to step on a scale and break the damn thing. They don't have to wear size XXL! They're THIN!

Yeah, and you're not. You're despicable. Absolutely nasty. You're a fat motherfucking cow. PUT DOWN THAT FOOD! Don't you even DARE think of putting it in your mouth! You'll feel it slide right to your hips, your thighs. You're already bulging out of your pants. You don't need any more food, all it's gunna do is make you fatter. You're already a whale, a hippo, a beluga. You are gross, no member of the opposite sex would even THINK of liking you because you won't fit through their front door. You'll crack their floors and smash their bed to smithereens.

You're so disgusting! Have you ever seen people looking at you? With disgust? It's true. They're wishing that they'll never EVER have to look as bad as you. They're watching you scarf down your food and thinking, "Look at that person! What a terrible lack of self-control!" And it's true. And you call yourself ana! You're not true rexie. You're FATFATFATFAT! What a terrible word, an ugly horrible word. Too bad it's the truth. Too bad you're fat. A blimp. A monstrosity.

You want to wear those cute new clothes? Haha, not with THAT stomach! Or THOSE legs! Sure, they look good on models, but honey, you're FAT. Fat people wear tent dresses and ugly shoes. Fat people can't wear cute clothes because they can't look good in them. Fat people have no control and eat everything they see. You want to live like that? Live the rest of your life lumbering around, too big for airline seats, too big for cars, too big to ever get yourself a spouse and live happily ever after? No fairy tale for you, dearie. You're a bucket of lard, a complete disgrace to the name ana. You'll never be skinny. NEVER. Unless you PUT DOWN THAT FOOD, get your lazy ass up and EXERCISE! Go run! Do jumping jacks! Do sit-ups! And fast fast fast! No eating for someone like you. You're ugly and gross and FAT! Remember that ...

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