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Miscellaneous Tips
About weighing yourself. Everyone has different methods here that work for them. Many people get discouraged with weighing themselves every day, because our weight is not a stable thing and can vary drastically from little insignificant things. Try to get a better overall picture through the fit of your clothing instead.

Throw food away before you eat it. A lot of people feel guilty and don't like to toss food. There's nothing wrong with this. Remember, though, that food gets discarded any way you look at it... purging, digesting, tossing... and isn't it better to get rid of the food before it puts fat on you instead of after? If you still hate to discard food, see how much of it you can donate to your local shelters and community service programs.

Apple cider vinegar (or possibly vinegar in general). It may help raise metabolism and burn fat. It may for you work as an appetite suppressant. Be careful, though, it may also hurt your stomach or cause nausea. Don't take more than a couple teaspoonfuls at a time. Try it mixed with honey in a glass of water, or in diet 7up or other clear carbonated soda about twenty minutes before eating, you may feel full quicker or decide not to eat at all.

Eat dense foods. They'll feel like more in your stomach. Light or fluffy foods tend to compact, and don't fill you up as well. Drink lots of liquids.

Avoid refined foods. They're in large part empty calories, and they don't satisfy the body or supply good solid nutritional requirements. The closer to natural you eat, the more value you get per bite, and the less you'll need to eat. Substitute whole grains for white flour and raw sugar for refined white sugar particularly.

Don't fill up on bread. It's deceptive. Six slices of bread can feel the same as one sandwich in your stomach, and it gets processed very quickly. If you do eat bread eat whole-wheat or grain bread, which will feel denser in your stomach as well as be healthier for your digestive system. Make a sandwich with vegetables or low-fat cottage cheese or salsa instead of eating bread plain.

Avoid alcohol and other drugs. Anything that can affect you will affect you more strongly and in different ways, and anything that affects your mind will lower your level of control. I hear the munchies are a nightmare when you're trying to lose weight, and waking up with a hangover surrounded by half-eaten food evidence can't be too much better.

Be careful with over-the-counter weight loss products, including the natural and herbal ones. They speed up your metabolism, yes, but they're designed to be taken with a decent amount of food and can be very very bad for your heart, head, digestive system, and nervous system if you use them with a severely restricted food intake. They can also mess up your sleep cycles, and people with irregular sleep cycles tend to eat more. I would suggest half doses to start with since they'll have more of an effect on someone eating very little, and watch for signs of panic, anxiety, or irritability.

Don't get discouraged with yourself. You didn't put on weight overnight, and it won't come off overnight either. These things take time, and time will pass no matter how much you're eating.

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