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Purging Tips
This is not good and I am not suggesting it for anyone. In fact, I suggest that you do everything you can to lose any purging habits you may have picked up. It's dangerous and very damaging. But I understand that some people need to purge (hell, sometimes I do) and I think that if you're going to do it then you may as well be as safe as possible.

No syrup of ipecac. I'm not kidding about this one. This shit is terribly dangerous and for use in medical emergencies only. It causes severe and permanent heart-damage. People have died from taking this, sometimes the very first time they've used it. I've tried it, it sucks, don't do it. Trust me here. Remember that if you die in painful screaming misery, you'll never reach your weight-loss goals and will probably be found crumpled up in your own assorted by-products.

No diuretics or water pills. There's no point. They don't make you lose any real weight, only water, and water loss does not count as weight loss. Dehydration can kill; you want more water, not less. A water-starved body will be more hungry as well and will hold onto everything you do put into it. If you're retaining water, drink more water and a little caffeine. It will go away eventually on its own.

No laxatives. They're habit-forming in that after a period of time your digestive system will not function without them. Overdoses of laxatives can dehydrate you to the point of death, or rupture your intestines. If your digestive system isn't behaving right, go for fiber supplements like Metamucil instead, they're good for you instead of bad.

Avoid throwing up whenever possible. Stomach acid is vicious. It eats away teeth and makes them ugly. It eats away at your esophagus and sphincter valves. Over a period of time, throwing up will disable your upper digestive system as thoroughly as laxatives will disable your lower digestive system. It also puts terrible strain on heart and head, and can cause dangerous electrolyte imbalances.

Avoid punishing a binge with an immediate fast. If your body expects large amounts of food, then depriving it cold turkey may cause even more hunger and binging. It's a cycle... binge, fast, binge, fast. Don't start. Regulate your food instead and be gradual with changes in how much you eat.

Remember that exercise in itself doesn't really burn off all that many calories and is pretty useless for burning the results of a binge. However, exercise raises metabolism and builds muscle, and the added muscle raises your metabolism even more, so you burn more calories all the time. Design yourself a steady exercise program and follow it consistently instead of sporadically overworking and hurting yourself.

Keep a box of baking soda, a cup, some water. Rinse your mouth with baking soda dissolved in water after purging. This helps neutralize acids and spares your teeth and mouth somewhat.

If you use laxatives, make very sure to be well-hydrated beforehand. Drink extra water and take potassium. It really helps against cramping, pain, and dizziness.

Drink a ton of water while binging. Say, a full glass of water between every couple units of food you're eating. Not only does this fill you up faster with fewer total calories, while still letting you get the taste of the food you want, it makes purging a hell of a lot easier and more effective. Be sure to drink water before a binge, or right at the start of one, and then space the water throughout so it mixes with all the food instead of just sitting on top of it.

Eat the healthy stuff first. Fruit or veggies or a salad or something fairly low-cal that you wouldn't mind digesting as much. Since it's hard to get everything up, and since food comes up roughly in reverse order to how it went down, cushion the bad high-cal junk with safer foods.

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