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Today 1:27 PM Post #48

Age : 16
Gender : Female
Height : 5'1"
Hello! I'm Mair (or Mara, if you prefer). Meanspo is a no for me, sorry, but I'm fine with the other 'spos. I'd love to make an ed buddy, so feel free to say hi!
Jul 26 2021 1:58 PM Post #47
Texas, US

Age : 13
Gender : Female
Height : 4'11
Weight : 90LB
Goal : 85LB
ED : Anorexia
Hello, Please I need a coach to help me lose weight, I'll only share selfies if I get to know you. please contact me I really need a coach (
Jul 26 2021 7:41 AM Post #46

Age : 17
Gender : Female
Honestly my binging has spiraled out of control and I’m ashamed of my weight. I’m looking for a friend to talk to about food, weight loss, etc. We can also encourage each other. I wouldn’t mind someone to help coach me too Smile
Jul 22 2021 8:19 PM Post #45

Age : 14
Gender : TG Male
Height : 5'4
Weight : 123.6 lb
Goal : 80 lb
ED : anorexia
I am honestly looking for a coach. Please email me if you are willing to be mine
Jul 08 2021 11:16 PM Post #44

Age : 17
Gender : TG Male
Height : 5'4
Weight : 125lbs
Goal : 80lbs
ED : Anorexia, bulimia
hihi ! im kitty, looking for ana/mia friends who wanna bully each other basically Very Happy
i prefer talking via text, but if u have any socials or just wanna be email buddies im down !
pen pals are also very acceptable !
(plz no one under 15 !)
Jul 02 2021 5:46 PM Post #43

Age : 17
Gender : Female
Height : 5ft7.5
Weight : 66.7kg
Goal : 49kg
ED : anorexia and bulimia
i wrote the one below i didnt add email so here:
Jul 02 2021 5:33 PM Post #42

Age : 17
Gender : Female
Height : 5ft7.5
Weight : 66.7kg
Goal : 49kg
ED : anorexia and bulimia
I got close to reaching my goal but then started binging and purging everyday and gained it all back im hoping to find people who can give me tips to stop bingeing i want more than anything to lose weight again. people who understand.
Jun 29 2021 2:38 PM Post #41

Age : 16
Gender : Female
Height : 5'3
Weight : 240lbs
Goal : 130
ED : anorexia and binge disorder
hi im kris and itd be great if i could make a friend that can help me lose weight and stop my binging. im really sweet and will help you as much as i can
Jun 27 2021 4:58 AM Post #40

Age : 17
Gender : TG Male
Height : 162 cm
Weight : 54.9 kg
Goal : 50 kg
Hi, im looking for a friend so we can support each other through the journey. I'm weird and awkward so if you're a fellow weirdo don't hesitate to email me (😄
Jun 21 2021 2:34 PM Post #39

Age : 16
Gender : Female
Looking for members to add to a pro ana group chat! Preferably female and 15-18. We use it to share body checks, inspo and tips & tricks to motivate each other. Add my snapchat if interested- it’s lxcye31
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